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    By: Ron Insana

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    How Financial Markets Foretell the Future - and How You Can Profit From Their Guidance

    Every day, the world's financial markets are speaking - shouting, in fact - boldly and accurately predicting the future. From the price of oil to international currency fluctuations, the gold supply to the bond markets, the signals of events to come are there, for those with the insight to read them.

    As one of the world's most visible and successful market analysts, Ron Insana has that critical insight, and now he shares his knowledge with every investor. In this astute and entertaining book, he shows how the market correctly predicted our lightning victory in the Gulf War, the uneventful end to the Y2K scare, and many other significant domestic and international occurrences. With Ron Insana's proven method of market interpretation, anyone can use the markets to decide on the best time to take out a mortgage, change jobs, make that large purchase, and much more.

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