The Neurodiversity Edge

The Neurodiversity Edge by Maureen Dunne


In The Neurodiversity Edge, renowned Oxford-trained cognitive scientist, neurodiversity expert, and business leader, Dr. Maureen Dunne presents a pioneering framework to harnessing the power of neurodiversity to navigate the most important human resources revolution in the modern era.
Did you know that an estimated 1 in 5 people are “neurodivergent”—have a mind that works differently, such as the autistic, ADHDers, the dyslexic, synesthetes, and other unique neurotypes—and that the vast majority are motivated, capable, and unemployed?
This indispensable guide is based on more than two decades of immersive cognitive science research, case studies, stories from neurodivergent voices, in-the-trenches work with hundreds of organizations from start-ups to global Fortune 500 titans, and Dr. Dunne's own lived experiences as a neurodivergent employer, entrepreneur, board member, and CEO. Too many unique minds and perspectives on the sidelines, and too many organizations beset by groupthink, innovation-stagnation, and a lack of access to qualified new candidates. The Neurodiversity Edge takes you all the way from why to what and to how, delivering practical insights that build on a new foundational framework:

Cultivate a values-driven approach to building a culture of sustained authentic inclusion where everyone can thrive,
How to improve the interview process to avoid missing game-changing talent
Develop a hybrid office protocol that works for everyone and a support infrastructure that aligns with universal design principles
Discover why Google's Project Aristotle found that innovation and performance hinge on psychological safety
Uncover and eliminate the destructive influence of unconscious cognitive biases
Take a graphic tour into the wonders of the human mind
Understand unique problem-solving abilities such as lateral thinking, visual-spatial thinking, multisensory thinking, leaps of creative insight, hyperfocus, and many more
How to articulate and implement organizational goals and measure progress toward them

The Neurodiversity Edge is an essential guide for executives, board directors, human resources professionals, managers, recruiters, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, allies, educators, nonprofit leaders, and anyone with an interest in better understanding neurodiversity, authentic neuroinclusion, and the human mind.
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