The New English Table: Over 200 Recipes And Ideas For Everyday Cooking And Exceptional Feasts

By: Rose Prince

Date Released
221 x 153mm

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'Local' has become the key word when discussing solutions to the environmental problems surrounding the food industry, with commentator lining up to declare 'local' the next major movement in food. Eating local is a case of looking at your feet, noting the ground you walk on and understanding what that habitat will yield for your stomach, or, put more delicately, your kitchen. The boundaries are basic – where you are is what you eat.

This is a recipe book that seeks to inspire, not dictate, a style of eating in every place. We need a local shopping plan, and it is a fact that, when combined, foods from the same locality have a natural affinity. Travelling around the British Isles and sampling the best, most essential produce each area has to offer, Rose Prince maps our culinary geography in a way that has not been done before: with thrift and ethical consumerism in mind.

This is the first British–themed cookbook to address the relevance of local foods to millions of city based cooks. Providing innovative, achievable ideas for the kitchens of modern Britain, this collection of new, easy recipes makes inspired use of British ingredients in healthy, delicious dishes.
Publication Date:
03 / 03 / 2008
221 x 153mm

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