The Official Ubuntu Book, 5th Ed.

By: Hill Benjamin & Helmke Matthew Mako

Date Released

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The world's #1 Ubuntu (and Linux!) book: authorized and promoted by Canonical, and fully updated for the newest release, Ubuntu 10.4

Everything Ubuntu users need to know to make the most of the brand-new version 10.4 of Ubuntu - from installation through desktop and server capabilities.
Updated server chapter to cover cloud computing and more closely cross reference the official server book.
Co-marketed by Canonical with the official Ubuntu logo and an updated Foreword by Ubuntu project founder Mark Shuttleworth.

Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution both in the U.S. and throughout the world. Our partnership with Canonical enables us to use their savvy, wellknown branding for the cover of the book, including the logo and cover shot of international users faces in a friendly circle. Authorized and aggressively copromoted by Canonical, The Official Ubuntu Book has consistently been the market's best-selling Ubuntu guide - and it's dominated Amazon's Linux bestseller list for years. Now, this book has been fully revised to reflect Ubuntu 10.04 This new Fifth Edition contains extensive new coverage, including:

Updated recipes for performing the most common tasks and solving the most common problems.
Updated server chapter to cover cloud computing and Armour App, and to more closely cross reference the Official Server book
Publication Date:
01 / 09 / 2010

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