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    By: Robert Allen

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    This second edition of Penguin's flagship English dictionary offers unparalleled in-depth coverage of every aspect of the language. It has been revised and updated by Britain's foremost lexicographers to ensure that it reflects the language of today.

    - Clear, detailed definitions, with particular emphasis on difficult concepts and meanings.
    - Includes not only Standard English, but also scientific and technical vocabulary, specialist terms, slang and the English of earlier periods.
    - Hundreds of new words, jargon and buzzwords reflecting the current state of the language (barista, cyberstalking, food miles, proximity talks, SMS).
    - Guidance on grammar, correct usage, spelling and punctuation.
    - Examples drawn from the works of major writers, from Shakespeare to Jane Austen and P.G. Wodehouse to Salman Rushdie
    - Contribution from leading experts, including Richard Dawkins on evolution, Geoffrey Robertson on freedom , Helena Kennedy on civil rights and Vernon Bogdanor on devolution

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