The Pleasure And Pain: The Art Of Dorian Cleavenger

The Pleasure And Pain: The Art Of Dorian Cleavenger by Dorian Cleavenger
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220 x 280mm
Out Of Print

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Destined to emulate the great Olivia de Berardinis to whom his work is often compared. It is written by one of the leading fantasy artists around today. This book follows the hugely impressive sales of his three previous book projects. Supermodel Kate Moss has modelled for one of his pieces.

Dorian Cleavenger is one of the leading fantasy artists working in the medium today. His work is reminiscent of the great Olivia de Berardinis but his style - Dorian's favoured medium is acrylic paint - is distinctly his own. However, his work touches on themes (fantasy, mechanization, vampires) that remind one of Sorayama and Giger as well as de Berardinis. His unique approach to art, featuring erotic fantasy, bondage and gothic horror, has arrived at an opportune time when there appears to exist a generational void clamouring to be filled and with the popularity of the Internet. Today's youth are less avid followers of the greats who established Fantasy Art as a popular movement in the 1970s, but seem instead to find in Dorian's work a different perspective and a refreshing new light in that arena... perhaps an aspect that is a bit 'Beyond Fantasy'.

Dorian is renowned for his use of models in his works - including Alley Bagget, Melissa Wolfe, Glorianne Gilbert, supermodel Kate Moss and one of Olivias favourites, Julie Strain, who is the winged cover girl astride a giant robot in a piece titled "The Bonecrusher." in one of Dorian's classic pieces. Dorian's art has graced three books to date - "The Works and Vision of Dorian Cleavenger", "New Works and Visions..." and the "Dorian Cleavenger Portfolio" and combined sales have been hugely impressive - topping 200,000 for mass market paperbacks and limited editions demonstrating that he does indeed lead the way in modern-day fantasy. This, Dorian's fourth book project, will contain all new artwork from the Los Angeles-based artist and is sure to be as well received as it its predecessors.
Publication Date:
01 / 05 / 2007
220 x 280mm

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