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    This is the first of a two-part gritty, realistic fantasy set in prehistoric times.

    Set in the harsh wilderness of a prehistoric North America, 'The Reindeer People' tells the story of a tribe of nomads and hunters as they try to survive, battling against enemy tribes, marauding packs of wolves and the very land itself.

    Living on the outskirts of the tribe, Tillu was happy spending her time tending her strange, slow dreamy child Kerlew and communing with the spirits to heal the sick and bring blessing on new births. However Carp, the Shaman, an ugly wizened old man whose magic smelled foul to Tillu, desired both mother and child.

    Tillu knew Carp's magic would steal her son and her soul. Death waited in the snows of Tundra, but Tillu knew which she would prefer . . .

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