The Rise of Rage by Julie A. Christiansen


Of all the human emotions, anger is probably the most misunderstood. Why is it important to understand anger at all? Rage through the centuries--revolutions, wars, civil rights, independence from colonial rule, political unrest, Black Lives Matter, storming the US Capitol--has shown that anger can be a catalyst for change; it can also be a tool employed in fear by those resisting reform or trying to quell protests or advancements by other people. Perhaps you too have experienced the rise of rage within yourself. You might be fed up with feeling angry and not having any way to express it. You don't want to hold it all inside anymore, and you are done being everybody's doormat. But counselor and psychotherapist Julie Christiansen says that if we take time to examine the belief systems that fuel our anger, we can free ourselves from the bondage that anger puts us in, learning how to make it work for us instead. When we map out our anger, we can learn to manage it. With a ten-step program full of practical exercises such as defining your anger style, understanding your belief systems, releasing residual anger, and more, The Rise of Rage will help you: -Identify the ten anger styles -Develop tools for resolving anger at work -Give effective feedback and criticism -Listen more effectively with a view to deepening connection -Enhance communication in all manner of relationships -Harness the power of forgiveness and acceptance -Communicate effectively with angry people Embrace this journey of self-discovery with The Rise of Rage to learn what real anger is, what real forgiveness looks like, and which safe, effective, and successful anger resolution tools work best for you.

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