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    The Rise Of The Player Manager

    By: Philip Augar & Joy Palmer

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    Among the fads and passing crazes, something really has changed in the workplace. High-performing professionals - "player managers" - are taking on management responsibility with no let up in their own production duties. "Pure" managers are increasingly found only in the pages of business books.

    This dual role isn't like anything else - it certainly isn't a case of "just adding management and carrying on as before". For many pulling off the job of player manager presents almost insurmountable challenges. And the task is further complicated by the suspicion that the discipline of management provokes in many sectors.

    By going out and talking to new and seasoned player managers in business and in professions, Philip Augar and Joy Palmer shows how real people, faced with what is often the greatest challenge of their working lives, can raise their game. Using an engaging mix of examples, case studies and historical analysis, they've produced an invaluable guide for anyone caught up in one of the most significant trends in the modern workplace.

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