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    By: Mark Adkin

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    A Detailed Historical and Military Guide to Bernard Cornwell's Series of 'Sharpe' Novels

    Bernard Cornwell's 'Sharpe' series is one the best known and bestselling military series ever. The adventures of Richard Sharpe and co in the Peninsular War and on the Indian continent have thrilled hundreds of thousands of readers over the years and over sixteen books. Now comes the book that Cornwell's fans have been waiting for: the definitive guide to the historical and military background to the characters and events of the 'Sharpe' novels.

    Exhaustively detailed, with a chapter devoted to each book and a complete glossary of characters, both real and fictional, this guide will be a must for every devoted reader of 'Sharpe'. Complete with black and white plates of famous battle scenes and characters, exquisite line drawings and complete maps of every battle and skirmish fought in by Richard Sharpe, 'The Sharpe Companion' is a wonderful and necessary addition to every Sharpe library.

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