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    By: Graham Edwards

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    Trapped in an iceberg, Archan, the sole surviving dragon in the world, is on the move - the iceberg sails mysteriously into the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. The balance of nature shifts. The eruption of Krakatoa, 1883, is the result.

    Jonah Lightfoot, journeying in the East Indies in search of the Cradle of Mankind, is hurled between worlds. With him is Annie West, an adventurous American on the run from her violent husband. They find themselves stranded in the strange other-world of Stone, an endless Wall with exotic foliage crammed between vast squares of rock, air that is alive and flowing . . . and it is populated by stone-age humans and the strangest of creatures, the Ypoth, whose task it is to repair the Wall whenever it is breached.

    Archan may be pleased to see there are dragons in the unsettling sky. But Jonah and Annie face the gravest dangers and have little chance of escape.

    Graham Edwards brings a fantasy world of amazing dimensions fully to life.

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