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    By: Graham Edwards

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    Stone is a wall - a wall the size of a world. On Stone, a step in any direction can bring you face to face with the stuff of history . . . or the stuff of myth. This marvellous fantasy featuring dragons and stone-age people reaches a vertiginous conclusion.

    The ultimate battleground has been chosen. Jonah and Archan the dragon will meet for the final confrontation at the place they had once thought impossible to reach: the very top of Stone's mighty wall. The ascent soon becomes a race, for whoever can reach the high ground first will surely win the battle. A thousand worlds must be crossed before the summit is reached . . . and in this race there is no second prize.

    Jonah is carried aloft by the Bark. With him is the mysterious Tom Coyote, flung to Stone from Mount St Helens in 1980, who turns out to be crucial to the success of the mission . . . but in a quite unexpected way. Archan has the endless power of charm . . . and also a secret ally Jonah has unwittingly delivered into her claws.

    At the uppermost tip of Stone, the final truths about the nature of this strange world can be revealed. In the glare of the guardian sun the fate of Stone hangs by a thread. Only if Jonah Lightfoot can destroy the immortal Archan can the future begin again.

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