The Strong Woman's Desire For The Strong Man: What Falling In Love Teaches Us About Ourselves

The Strong Woman's Desire For The Strong Man: What Falling In Love Teaches Us About Ourselves by Maja Storch
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Why does the modern, capable, independent woman always fall in love with an unavailable man, the one who's so hard to get, the one who is hardly ever good to her?

Why does the boy next door bore her to tears? Why can't she fall in love with a nice, normal, likeable guy?

In this best-selling book -- which reached Number 1 in Switzerland, sold more than 100,000 copies in Germany and has been translated into 10 editions -- psychotherapist and author Dr Maja Storch has created a potent and unique tool for women who feel ready to confront the patterns that have torpedoed their relationships with men.

Drawing on the experience of clients, friends, and her own life, she shows how today's self-sufficient and successful woman struggles with a powerful dilemma: being attracted to strong men yet feeling compelled to destroy them in a relationship.

In her view, the strong woman wants to be met by a man who is her equal -- someone she can respect. However, she also needs to accept her more vulnerable side as a real and useful part of her nature. Using the time-honoured myth of 'The Handless Maiden', Dr Storch demonstrates that the little girl with the fragile longing in her heart is also a tigress, and needs to carry both elements with her in her life. Through achieving a balance of independence, vulnerability, desire and strength she can develop the ability to succeed in a relationship.

In a book both entertaining and challenging, Maja Storch explores psychological concepts underlying our intimate relationships and personal development, yet manages to do so in a conversational and accessible style.
Publication Date:
01 / 06 / 2007

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