The Sweet Spot [Unabridged Low Price CD]

The Sweet Spot [Unabridged Low Price CD] by Stephanie Evanovich
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Last summer's breakout author, the amazing Stephanie Evanovich, is back! THE SWEET SPOT tells the sizzling story of everyone's favorite couple from BIG GIRL PANTIES: hunky professional baseball player Chase Walker and his sassy wife Amanda. From New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Evanovich comes another rollicking, sexy story of just how far a couple will go to find true love-and keep it sizzling! When pro baseball player Chase Walker first meets restaurateur Amanda Cole, it's love at first sight. But while Amanda can't help noticing the superstar with the Greek-god build, he doesn't have a chance of getting to first-or any other-base with her. A successful entrepreneur who's built her business from scratch, Amanda doesn't need a Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet. But Chase has charm and heart, as well as hunky good looks, and he isn't about to strike out in this courtship. His hopes rally when Amanda discovers that squeaky-clean Chase has a few sexy and very secret pregame rituals that turn the smart, headstrong businesswoman on-and into his number one fan. Then a tabloid and a hidden camera threaten to turn the love of a lifetime into just another late-night punch line. Is Amanda ready to let loose and swing for the fences? Or will the pressure of Chase's stardom force them to call it quits? Performed by Katie Schorr
Publication Date:
01 / 04 / 2015

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