The System by Terry Waghorn
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135 x 216mm
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A novel of business revolution.

In the future of business, some one will kill to own . . . The System.

An exciting and unique business novel, 'The System' combines new and ground-breaking business theories and strategies with a heart-pounding thriller involving corporate espionage and ruthless takeovers to deliver a one-of-a-kind reading experience. Features a foreword by Ken Blanchard.

Tim Hunt and David Atkinson are on the brink of a business breakthrough that will change the face of the new economy. By combining their two powerful corporations and devoting their resources to the development of a top secret new business model, they are about to change forever the way business is done.

Using a simple analysis of market risk versus competitive risk as his inspiration, Tim develops a new and sophisticated strategic model - iQu, a ground-breaking "self-development" program that will revolutionise workplace training and employee mobility.

Tim and David stand on the threshold of becoming "perpetual revolutionaries" in the future of business. But as word about their development begins to spread, they become the target of a mysterious and ruthless competitor who will stop at nothing to thwart their plans. As time runs short Tim is forced to overcome ever-increasing odds as he battles to save both his and David's companies and solve the mystery that threatens his very life.

A brilliant combination of business writing and fiction, 'The System' is a thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat even as it imparts new and exciting information for business success in the new economy. It is built around a simple irrefutable strategic model applicable to any business:
1. Focus: decide what business you want to be in.
2. Differentiate: decide how you're going to stand out from the rest of the pack.
3. Fortify: your success will attract imitators. The steps required in order to make their efforts to imitate you as difficult as possible.
4. Self-obsolescence: regardless of how resourceful you are, imitators will eventually encroach on your turf. What do you do when that happens? Short answer: go back and start the process all over again.

The book's exciting and highly readable thriller-style fictional framework makes this easily digestible business strategy, with the model also fully explained in a straightforward appendix. Indispensable for anyone looking for success in the long-term.
Publication Date:
01 / 06 / 2001
135 x 216mm

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