The Times Comprehensive Atlas Of The World

The Times Comprehensive Atlas Of The World by Various
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11th Edition.

A new edition of the world's most prestigious reference atlas, featuring 250 pages of updated detailed mapping and a specially commissioned 72-page introductory section presenting a comprehensive picture of the world today.

'The Times Comprehensive Atlas Of The World' is universally recognised as the world's most prestigious and authoritative reference atlas. Since its first edition in 1967 it has sold over one million copies. Its detailed and beautifully created mapping represent the perfect blend of tradition, authority and style which sets this atlas apart.

The 10th edition, published in 1999, was the first completely new edition of the atlas since its introduction. Now this fully revised 11th edition brings all the reference maps and detailed thematic information completely up to date.

The preliminary section is introduced by unique satellite images of the continents, and continues with a series of maps, images, photographs and graphics which present a detailed picture of today's physical world and human interaction with it. The section also includes an account of the evolution of world maps and of significant developments in cartography, and concludes with detailed geographical information on the world's physical features and the world's states and territories.

The reference maps, produced in the distinctive and authoritative Times style, present our most accurate and up-to-date knowledge of the earth today. The areas shown, and the scale and map projection of each plate, have been specifically chosen to give the best representation of each geographical area. The atlas now includes a brand-new map of the world's physical features.

The gazetteer-index to over 200,000 place names and geographical features illustrates the unique scope of the atlas. It includes full cross-referencing with alternative and former names, geographical coordinates of every settlement shown on the maps, and a comprehensive glossary of geographical terms.

- A 72-page introductory section
- 250 pages of reference maps of continents, countries and oceans
- 224 pages of gazetteer-index to over 200,000 place names and geographical features
Publication Date:
01 / 12 / 2003
310 x 450mm

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