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    The Times Universe: A Photographic Guide

    By: Ian Ridpath

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    A stunning visual tour from the moon to the edge of the visible Universe, including over 200 colour photographs.

    The vast expanse of the Universe has been opened up to us like never before with the development of extraordinarily powerful telescopes both on earth and in space, orbiting satellites and planet and deep space probes. 'The Times Universe' is a collection of the best of the photographs taken using this equipment.

    It includes:
    - The different types of instrument that bring us these fantastic images.
    - The planets in our Solar System are brought to life from Pluto - the most remote - to the Moon. Ian Ridpath also examines the asteroids and comets that enter our Solar System.
    - The Sun, and other stars in our galaxy. The birth and spectacular death of stars - supernovae - are also illustrated.

    The book also goes beyond our galaxy with spectacular images and clear descriptions to bring the far reaches of space ever closer. It is here that one of space exploration's greatest developments so far, the Hubble Space Telescope, has been able to teach us so much about the rest of the Universe.

    - Astounding images from Earth-based telescopes, planetary probes and the Hubble Space Telescope
    - Planets, comets, asteroids, stars, nebulae and galaxies

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