The Ultimate Encyclopedia Of Cats: Breeds & Care

The Ultimate Encyclopedia Of Cats: Breeds & Care by Alan Edwards

16 / 08 / 2019

Features of this title include: a comprehensive visual guide to all the main cat breeds of the world, from the exotic longhaired Persian to the novel hairless Sphynx, the ever-popular shorthair to the tailless Manx, and rarer breeds such as the Singapura, Ocicat, Bengal and Japanese Bobtail; fascinating descriptions of each breed include useful information on grooming needs, as well as insights into each breed's typical character and temperament; expert advice on how to care for your cat, with step-by-step photographic demonstrations; guidelines on where to acquire and how to choose the right cat for your home environment, routine care, feeding and nutrition, grooming, breeding and showing, as well as health care and essential first aid; and, over 700 specially commissioned photographs. This comprehensive book brings together the latest veterinary-approved advice on cat care and the most up-to-date coverage of the world's cat breeds. Part one, Caring for your Cat, opens with a brief history of the cat and goes on to cover in detail every important topic that any responsible owner needs to be aware of.
There is advice on buying and choosing a cat, inoculations for kittens, providing a safe environment indoors and out, and choosing all the necessary equipment. There are also major sections on feeding and nutrition, grooming and training, and essential health care. Part two, The Breeds, is a comprehensive visual encyclopedia of all the main cat breeds. Each breed and many of the breed's colours and variations are fully described, with information on important characteristics such as temperament, grooming needs and average size.
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