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    Think Safe, Act Safe, Stay Safe

    By: Steve Collins

    Date Released
    175 x 248mm

    Out of Print

    Be Your Own Guardian Angel with the REACT Approach to Self Defence.

    As the newspapers and television constantly remind us, violent crime is on the increase, violence that can strike at you anywhere and at any time. However, this ground-breaking book shows you how you can protect yourself from the unthinkable regardless of your age, sex or level of fitness by using the simple but effective REACT formula:
    R: Recognise
    E: Evaluate
    A: Alternatives
    C: Concentrate
    T: Terminate

    Learning these five basic principles of the system enables you to stay in tune with your environment, to be relaxed but alert, aware of your surroundings and switched on to any escalation in your personal threat level. Following this sequence in any circumstance allows you to recognise potential threats, decide on the best form of action to take to counter them and equips you to carry this through.

    The REACT self-defence system is not a martial art or a method of fighting. Rather it is a purely defensive strategy, one that teaches you how to avoid conflict and confrontation wherever possible. But if all your preventative efforts fail and you do face an actual attack, the system also shows you simple but very effective techniques and tactics to give you the physical edge.

    So, the next time you feel threatened, don't become a victim - REACT!
    Publication Date:
    02 / 05 / 2001
    175 x 248mm

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