Thinking Deeply About Primary Mathematics

Thinking Deeply About Primary Mathematics by Kieran Mackle

148 x 210mm

Thinking Deeply about Primary Mathematics is a comprehensive exploration of the ideas, theories and practices of most value to beginning teachers, as well as any teacher with the desire to improve their practice. Immediately applicable in the classroom and supported by robust analysis of research into mathematics teaching, this book is designed to provide inspiration for specialised teaching assignments with the power to enhance both the rate and quality of your professional development journey. Through the use of expertly crafted explanations, examples and tasks, each chapter will guide you step by step through the otherwise intimidating world of primary mathematics teaching. This book is perfect for teachers driven to become highly effective practitioners. It also serves as a blueprint for school leaders looking to develop the abilities of their teachers and ensure the highest quality mathematics education for all children. Teacher proficiency is a vast uneven continuum but in taking time to think deeply about primary mathematics we allow ourselves with the opportunity to build a solid base from which a successful, fulfilling career can be constructed. The insight and expertise provided by Thinking Deeply About Primary Mathematics is essential for anyone involved in the teaching of mathematics.
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