This Alien Shore by C S Friedman
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Jamisia holds the key to humankind's future and the universe is ready to kill her for it ...
Jamisia, a young girl protected by biological brain-ware and troubled by multiple voices in her head, flees her comfortable life on a satellite when corporate raiders destroy the entire colony. To her horror, she learns that they were looking for her.

Launched into the intrigues of the mysterious Gueran guild, mutant star-pilots who have a stranglehold on galactic commerce, Jamisia is desperate to avoid capture, and must force uncertain alliances with exotic strangers. Yet, as a rogue computer virus wreaks havoc across the galaxies it seems that humanity's future rests in her hands: but first she must unlock the deadly secret hidden inside her head.

Against the rich and compelling backdrop of this epic story the author has succeeded in creating a truly unique character in Jamisia. This Alien Shore is a novel of fantastic diversity, and breathtaking possibility.
Publication Date:
29 / 03 / 2000

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