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    By: Susan Forward & Donna Frazier

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    Loving Strategies for Protecting Your Marriage.

    Problem in-laws carry a unique set of issues of authority, control, power, and the time-honored feeling that they "know better". In this book, Dr Forward identifies the different types of in-laws, as well as their behaviour tactics and motivations, from the most benign to the most toxic. She explains what they do, why they do it, and the traps you and your partner fall into. Next she lays out a reasonable survival guide - how to deal with in-laws, how to deal with a passive partner, and how to protect your marriage.

    If you follow the advice in this book you may not turn toxic in-laws into wonderful in-laws, but you'll find your voice, reconnect with the one you love, and with yourself. Your life will be better, your marriage will be stronger, and you will have gained self-respect by using loving strategies to preserve your marriage.

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