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    Trilobite: Eyewitness To Evolution

    By: Richard Fortey

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    This unashamedly trilobito-centric view of the world unravels the history of the exotic, crustacean-like animals which dominated the seas for three hundred million years. These arthropods witnessed continents move, mountain chains elevated and eroded; they survived ice ages and volcanic eruptions, evolving and adapting exquisitely to their environment. They watched through their crystal eyes whilst life evolved. Their own evolution calibrated geological time itself.

    'Trilobite: Eyewitness To Evolution' ponders the great cycles of earth history, the durability of stone compared with the transience of human life, and the fecundity of evolution. We can begin to understand how trilobites reveal the mechanism and pattern of evolution from their legacy in the rocks. Through the eyes of the trilobites, we can glimpse former worlds as exotic in their geography as in their life forms. This is time travel with the guidance of a master.

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