Trumped!: Designing Value Around People In A Networked Economy

Trumped!: Designing Value Around People In A Networked Economy by A Mitchel & G Hausruckinger & J Maximow
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153 x 234mm

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What does it really mean to be consumer driven? 'Trumped!' provides unique insight into the growing need for businesses to organise their operations around the needs of people (both customers and employees).

A new superbreed of consumer-driven companies are combining the best of modern retailing and manufacturing in a clash of business models which is sparking radical changes and winning these powerhouses considerable competitive edge.

As a fledgling business in 1969, Gap made most of its money by selling Levi's jeans. In 1984 it started developing its own Gap line and now the two brands are deadly enemies, battling it out for the same consumers' preference, loyalty and cash. Powerhouse companies such as Gap are pushing the boundaries of leading edge practice and organisations like M&S, Tesco and Coca-Cola are having to reinvent what it means to be "consumer driven".

'Trumped!' explains how leading companies are shifting the goalposts to reach new levels of performance across all key areas, including staff motivation, real-time responsiveness to changing consumer needs, brand-building, IT, e-commerce and strategic alliances.

The book gives the inside track on the industry from an international perspective - Gerhard Hausruckinger and Jurgen Maximow are both partners in Roland Berger & Partner, Europe's largest management consultancy firm - and offers a new perspective, based on front-line reporting, which will change the way we think about consumer goods companies, their brands and their future.
Publication Date:
01 / 07 / 2002
153 x 234mm

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