Ultimate Leadership: Winning Execution Strategies For Your Situation

Ultimate Leadership: Winning Execution Strategies For Your Situation by Russell E. Palmer
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Today there is an ever increasing number of CEOs either being fired or resigning. Very often it is not about them failing to get results that are needed, but them failing to understand the various constituent groups they have to interact with. These include their board, their shareholders, their regulators, the analysts in the Wall Street world, and other people that they have to interact with and convince to accept their ideas.

Success requires not only understanding the principles of leadership, but executing them in different fashions depending on the context. This book is organized according to the contexts that leaders are most likely to encounter. It is not meant to be exhaustive, and thereby risk being exhausting, but rather to provide models that can help a reader apply the principles of leadership in contexts specifically covered.

The book begins by providing the fundamentals of leadership. It then goes on to explain the ways leaders can master the contexts of leadership, which is the heart of the book. This section includes guidance on leading your equals, helping an organization weather a crisis, transform an organization's culture, and successfully lead in an entrepreneurial organization, around the world, or in academic institutions. Finally, the author describes possibly the most important attribute every leader must have: the ability to inspire in the face of major challenges.
Publication Date:
01 / 05 / 2008

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