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    By: Brian Lumley

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    In the beginning, on Starside, Harry Keogh was The Source. Ultimately, he would also be the Doombringer - to the Old Wamphyri. But death is not the end: not for Harry, nor for the vampires whose tenacity is legendary.

    The prime maxim of the Necroscope was always this: "What will be, has been . . ." But who may read the future with impunity? No Man! Who is there now to talk with the Teeming Dead and recover the long-lost secrets of the tomb? With the Necroscope gone, who is left to oppose.

    On Sunside dwells a woman with a secret. Nana Kiklu, Szgany widow, is the mother of twin sons - and their father was Harry Keogh! In their hands lies the terrifying future of the Vampire World - and maybe of our own planet, too . . .

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