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    Virtuoso Teams: Lessons From Great Teams That Changed The World

    By: Andy Boynton & Bill Fischer

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    Lead a very special kind of team: the virtuoso team . . .

    At the heart of great change or creative breakthrough you will often find a dynamic team of inspired individuals who worked together to break out of the commonplace and make something remarkable happen.

    How do these teams form? How can they be managed? How can they be led, by you?

    With 'Virtuoso Teams' you can transform any enterprise.

    Whether you're launching an innovative new product or service, entering into challenging new markets or simply trying to transform the way you operate, virtuoso teams can make the difference between achieving remarkable success, or just another modest result.

    Virtuoso teams offer the ultimate advantage: they put extraordinarily talented people together to achieve great things. Virtuoso teams offer extraordinary potential, but they need special care and handling: profound change requires profoundly different management approaches.

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