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    Watch This Space: Stars, Galaxies and the Milky Way

    By: Clive Gifford

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    Discover the sparkling world of stars, from their beautiful births to their dramatic deaths. Learn about
    our very own star, the Sun, as well as best-friend binary star pairs and dense neutron stars. Gaze at gorgeous
    galaxies and marvel at the Milky Way. Get answers to questions such as:
    * What's inside the Sun?
    * Where are the Pillars of Creation?
    * Why do stars twinkle?
    * How fast does a pulsar spin?
    * Which galaxy is a cannibal?
    * How long would it take to travel across the Milky Way?

    Perfect for the new curriculum, this fascinating title is packed full of astounding information and number-based jaw-dropping facts and figures to inspire future astronauts and space scientists.

    Ages 9-11

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