Welcome To My Worlds

Welcome To My Worlds by Rob Alexander
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227 x 298mm
Out Of Print

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Rob Alexander is one of the most versatile and highly respected artists working today. He paints in watercolors that look more like oils or acrylics. His painting style is subtle, beautiful and emotionally evocative. It has enabled him to work well in a number of diverse genres and markets. He has painted high fantasy, landscapes, action adventure, gothic horror and children's stories.

Rob has worked in the publishing industry doing book covers for TOR, Harper Collins, Berkley and Del Rey. His images have been published in Amazing Stories, Fantasy and Science Fiction, and Cricket magazines. But to most people, he is the artist who paints pictures of sad-eyed women, eerie beings who perch in trees and carve mysterious messages in skulls, hauntingly beautiful landscapes, and young children who either discover, imagine or make beautiful, wondrous things.

He was one of the original artists of the Magic the Gathering trading card game phenomenon and has done well over 130 images for the project to date. Magic is international and has been translated into eight languages, including Japanese. His work has appeared in eight other trading card games, including over 40 images for one based upon The Lord of the Rings, depicting many of the major characters and significant places from Tolkien's world.
Publication Date:
25 / 05 / 2005
227 x 298mm

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