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    What Could He Be Thinking?: A Guide To The Mysteries Of A Man's Mind

    By: Michael Gurian

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    Finally, a man with the answers to the questions women ask about men!

    Why do men put so much of their identity in their work? Why can't men see the house is a mess? Following two decades of research into the brains and behaviour of men, Michael Gurian answers the questions every woman is longing to have answered and gives them the knowledge they need to have good relations with the opposite sex.

    Michael Gurian presents a new vision of the male psyche that will satisfy the tremendous curiosity women have about male behaviour, answering questions such as:
    - Why are men obsessed with electronic gadgets?
    - Why do men watch TV instead of talking about what's bothering them?
    - Why do men get such a kick out of watching mindless action films?
    - Why can men remember the names of football players, who scored and when, but not yesterday's conversation?
    - Why do men enjoy racing their cars through red lights?
    - Why do men tend to get more workaholic after they have kids?
    - Why don't men notice when a house is messy or dusty?

    Michael Gurian makes a profound statement about the role of men in modern culture and suggests a way for men and women to thrive together in intimate separateness.

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