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    Why Can't I Lose Weight?

    By: Martin Budd

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    Is your weight gain a symptom of a hidden health problem?

    Self-diagnosis and treatment options for overweight people for whom the usual diet and exercise strategies haven't worked. A book to help sufferers of (often undiagnosed) health disorders which include thyroid problems, PCOS, food allergies, low blood sugar, diabetes, leaky gut, candida and hormonal imbalances.

    This is not an ordinary diet book. Instead, it's a resource for the many people whose weight remains largely uninfluenced by low-calorie diets or exercise. These people have a depressed metabolism which may be a result of an undiagnosed health problem.

    Naturopath Martin Budd helps readers identify the real problem with questionnaires and case studies and chapters on the following disorders: hypothyroidism, PCOS, diabetes, low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia), leaky gut, food allergies, hormonal imbalances. Associated symptoms include fatigue, digestive problems, poor stress handling, depression, low sex drive, joint and muscle pain.

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