Wild And Free: Through The Lens Of Nicholas Birks

Wild And Free: Through The Lens Of Nicholas Birks by Nicholas Birks

293 x 290mm

Australia's Natural World Through the Lens of Nicholas Birks.

Australia's magnificent wildlife is: the bounding of a kangaroo across the arid red centre; the stately koala mother moving slowly through the gum trees with her baby clinging to her back; the snap of a crocodile's jaws as it rears from the water in a lunge for prey . . .

Nicholas Birks has captured Australian birds and animals in exciting and spectacular photographs quite unlike any other. With extraordinary expertise he has waited until the star of the photograph has walked or flown into his lens. His images are not of captive animals in sanctuaries or zoos, or staged by the photographer startling the creature, but the result of careful planning and infinite patience.

Nicholas Birks is more than a great photographer, though. He cleared the scrub in South Australia for his farm, and for many years worked the land. All the time he did so, however, he retained a third of his property for his wildlife, leaving it uncleared, ungrazed and uncropped.

His passion for conservation, landcare and harmony with the land shines through his text, and together with his superlative photographs make 'Wild And Free' a glorious portrait of Australia's unique animals.

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