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    By: Allen Gilbert

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    A No Fuss Guide to Organic Gardening

    Not every garden is truly green, but now there is a book that shows you how to cultivate a "greener" garden that is kind to the environment and saves you money.

    In the 'Green Guide to Gardening' leading horticulturist Allen Gilbert (a specialist in organic gardening and farming) shares the secrets of working with the natural elements in the garden rather than using chemical pesticides and fertilisers. Why not control insects by attracting more birds to your garden? Old newspapers can be recycled and used as mulches. Most household waste is ideal for composting.

    Even the smallest patio or balcony can be used to grow fruit, flowers and vegetables the organic way. Advice is given on fruit and vegetable crops best suited to small areas, as well as advice on tree planting and pruning, companion planting with herbs, and propagation. There are also delightful ideas for children to create their own gardens, as well as special tips for making gardens to suit elderly people and people with physical disabilities.

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