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    30 Days: With Blair At The Centre Of The World

    By: Peter Stothard

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    A unique, unprecedented eyewitness account of the 30 critical days in Tony Blair's political career as Prime Minister, from 10 March 2003 to the fall of Saddam's statue in Baghdad, written by the former editor of 'The Times'.

    No writer has ever been given such access to a prime minister for such a long period - and during such a critical moment in world history.

    Peter Stothard writes: "In thirty years of journalism I have never known thirty days like these. Tony Blair has waged a very personal war. He has faced defeat and resignation, defied friends and critics at home and abroad, and formed a bond with George Bush to defeat Saddam Hussein that has aroused as much controversy as that between Reagan and Thatcher. To many around the world he has become hero, to others the exact opposite.

    This is the first time that a writer has observed a Prime Minister and his inner circle of advisers so closely, for so long and at such a critical period in modern history. To have been with Tony Blair throughout this time, inside Downing Street, at Camp David, in Belfast, Brussels and in the Azores, has been fascinating for the light it has shed on what we think we know, an extraordinary thirty days."

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