A Child Is Born by Lennart Nilsson & Lars Hamberger
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262 x 200mm
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Completely Revised and Updated Fourth Edition.

The beloved classic bestseller updated for the 21st century using state-of-the-art photography to show the miracle of birth. First published nearly forty years ago, 'A Child Is Born' broke astonishing new ground, offering an unprecedented glimpse of life inside the womb.

This completely new fourth edition brings revolutionary new photographic technology and an entirely new up-to-date text to a landmark classic. Packed with breathtaking photographs including 400 new to this edition, this awesome journey from fertilisation to birth is a timeless masterpiece - completely revised for a new generation.

Long considered the world's leading medical and scientific photographer, Lennart Nilsson uses a new high-definition ultrasound technique, scanning electron and light microscopes, and advanced fibre optics to make an unparalleled record of the unseen world within our bodies.

Here, in a series of stunning close-up images, the miracle of human reproduction unfolds: The egg travelling down the Fallopian tube; the sperm racing to meet it; the moment of fertilisation; the very first cell division; the tiny embryo attaching to the uterine wall; the growth of eyes, ears, fingers, and toes; and finally the moment of delivery itself - give an astonishing glimpse of the first moments of life.

And the updated text features authoritative advice for new parents, plus fascinating information on recent advances in fertility treatments, state-of-the-art testing, genetics, environmental factors, and pregnancy health.
Publication Date:
20 / 01 / 2008
262 x 200mm

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