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    By: W Hodding Carter

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    In Which an Unlikely Crew of Adventurers Attempts an Epic Journey to the New World.

    W Hodding Carter cannot sail, hates to be cold, and panics when he's lost. So why did he devote three years of his adult life, not to mention a small fortune, to dodging polar bears and icebergs on an open-decked wooden ship resembling an oversized canoe? He'd always wanted to be a Viking.

    Obsessed with Leif Eriksson and his triumphant voyage a thousand years ago from Greenland to North America, Carter hatched the foolhardy idea of re-enacting Eriksson's voyage in a replica of the precarious Viking cargo ship known as a "knarr". Never mind that he had a wife, twin daughters, and another baby on the way. Carter was going to make it happen.

    'A Viking Voyage' is the enthralling, inspiring and occasionally hair-raising, account of how he and his equally inexperienced grab-bag crew pulled it off.

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