Arms Wide Open by Judi Davidson
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Sexually abused as a child, pregnant at 18 and forced to give up her baby for adoption, Judi Davidson refused to stay a victim for the rest of her life. By her mid-thirties, she was happily married and the owner of a successful business. But six years later Judi was raising five children alone - two boys diagnosed with congenital spinal muscular atrophy and confined to wheelchairs, and a set of healthy, energetic triplets. Knowing what it is to be vulnerable and at the mercy of others, Judi was determined that her own children would never lack a champion.

Despite being told that her two older sons were unlikely to reach the age of five, over the years Judi has continually fought for them to receive the best medical treatment and education possible. Now aged 18 and 16, Ryan and Blake are outstanding students while their three younger siblings are supportive, caring teens, mature beyond their years and with talents of their own. In 2005 the family was invited to visit Professor Stephen Hawking at Oxford, a trip made financially possible both through Judi's hard work and donations from hundreds of New Zealanders wanting to support this deserving family.

Arms Wide Open is the inspiring true story of a New Zealand mother's battle to bring up five wonderful children on her own, despite many challenges.
Publication Date:
01 / 10 / 2008

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