Atkins Made Easy: The First 2 Weeks

Atkins Made Easy: The First 2 Weeks by Dr Robert Atkins
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108 x 178mm
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The Dr Atkins book which makes it really easy for those revolutionising their weight and their health with the program. It answers all your questions and dispels the myths. This 2 week starter plan - which includes helpful food lists and recipes - is everyone's essential for the new year.

The book answers the 100 most frequently asked questions and takes the reader step by step through the Atkins nutritional program. It provides a 4 phase plan which allows 3 cups of healthy low carb veggies a day at the start, moving up to the final phase - Lifetime Maintenance - where most people can eat every kind of vegetable. Good and bad fats are explained too so that people can choose the healthy way to incorporate the essential fats in their diet.

The book also shows how to incorporate healthy activity and exercise into your week - dispelling the myth that Atkins encourages people to lose weight without taking exercise. It explains how the Atkins program helps to decrease your risk of heart disease, prevent and control type 2 diabetes, lowers blood pressure, improves symptoms of PCOS, headaches, sinus problems, abdominal pains, acid reflux, asthma, eczema, and acne.

It also explains many of the myths surrounding Atkins. ie. that ketosis - where the body burns fat and not glucose - is perfectly safe and that most people doing Atkins see a drop in the LDL cholesterol. Also there is no study which shows that the high protein diet is dangerous for the kidneys or that eating so much protein leaches calcium from your bones and interferes with calcium absorption.
Publication Date:
16 / 12 / 2003
108 x 178mm

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