Bipolar And Pregnant: How To Manage And Succeed In Planning And Parenting While Living With Manic Depression

Bipolar And Pregnant: How To Manage And Succeed In Planning And Parenting While Living With Manic Depression by Kristen K Finn
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210 x 140mm
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Mental illness books have been published in many forms, from general reference to memoirs to navigating the diagnosis and treatment. However, no books tackle the important issues women face, as they decide to start a family. Medications that they are taking may need to be changed or weened; women and their partners become concerned about passing on a mental disorder on to their child; preparing for an emotionally stable pregnancy and postpartum period is a major concern, as well. A natural companion book to the manuals on mental illness already published, Kristen Finn's groundbreaking book is about P.W.M.I. (parenting while mentally–ill). As a bipolar mother of two daughters (one daughter also has been diagnosed with bipolar), she describes her personal experiences, challenges, and coping methods she developed through two pregnancies. In this highly prescriptive book, Finn, along with an esteemed team of medical experts:

Provides information on medical aspects of pregnancy and gives advice on minimizing the risks of psychiatric flare–ups, avoiding episodes, monitoring behavior through journaling and preparing to go off medication as pregnancy looms.

Share techniques and insights, from preconception through postpartum, to be used by women living with bipolar and her entire support team.

Discusses medical aspects of pregnancy, preparing for pregnancy, optimizing the chances of getting pregnant.

Provides the latest research on medications used to treat bipolar disorder and their affect on developing babies.

Offers parenting techniques for common parenting issues and challenges women with bipolar or other mental illness have for the millions of women who have been diagnosed with a mental disorder and/or are taking medication to treat their disorder (depression, bipolar, social anxiety disorder, bipolar II, OCD, etc) who are planning to have a baby or who are looking for help after the baby is born.
Publication Date:
01 / 01 / 2008
210 x 140mm

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