Blame Your Planet: The Ugly Truth Of The Darkside Of Zodiac

Blame Your Planet: The Ugly Truth Of The Darkside Of Zodiac by Stella Hyde
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150 x 190mm
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Every silver lining has a cloud! Go beyond the sugar-coated astrology that fills the bookshelves and take a look at the less-nice aspects of your astrological destiny. Tired of the "Pollyanna" versions by mainstream astrologers, Stella Hyde guides us through the Darkside Zodiac and makes us confront our evil twin.

More honest than your best friend after three drinks, 'Blame Your Planet' shows us the not-so-sweet truth about the signs of the Zodiac. Find out more that you want to know about yourself, friends, family and co-workers.

This is real astrology - with a Darkside twist. Shocking analyses of and conclusions about all 12 signs are supported by an armoury of astrological research. The personality of each sign - including annoying habits and favourite deadly sins, your ruling planet, lunar influences, polar opposites and chart - is discussed. Or, shall we say, dissected.

Of course, the good stuff is given plenty of coverage - dating and sex, relationships, dream Darkside job (spy/assassin/drug baron/evil genius anyone?), which crimes you're most likely to commit, and many more goodies.

Use the inside knowledge you've gained about your friends and co-workers to enable your own inner brat to outwit bullies, outmanoeuvre manipulators, and win those endless games that lovers play.
Publication Date:
15 / 04 / 2005
150 x 190mm

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