Blaze: The Bare Facts

Blaze: The Bare Facts by Karen Anders
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'Blaze' novels feature sexy, steamy, romantic erotica stories for women - a red-hot romance from Mills & Boon.

She wants to give the concept of bedtime . . . a whole new meaning!

Haley Lawton has to get a sex life - now! To keep her new assignment as regular feature writer for a hot women's magazine, she has to come up with four killer articles on how to spice up the sex in a relationship. With little experience, but a lot of big dreams, she convinces Dylan Malone, her old college crush, now ad exec, to help tutor her on the finer points.

The finer points - indeed! Haley thinks she can handle living through one incredible fantasy; however, it isn't long before Dylan's sexy mouth and impatient hands start affecting her . . . completely. Now she's not so sure that their next steamy encounter is such a good idea after all!

Once the fun and games are over, can Haley and Dylan turn four fantasies into forever?

Karen Anders leaves a blistering-hot trail of passion behind!
Publication Date:
01 / 03 / 2002

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