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If we want to communicate effectively in both our professional and personal lives, it is crucial that we not only send out the right signals but understand how to 'read' others –this book shows you how. With the second edition of this bestselling book, readers will learn how to:

* Gain a deeper understanding of other people and be able to 'read' their minds with a degree of accuracy they never thought possible.
* Find out what non-verbal signals they may be giving out to others through their 'silent' language and how to use this to communicate and elicit the response they want.
* Learn how to make conscious changes to their body language so they can change the way they are perceived.
* Make a better impression in their social and work life by being aware of their own and others 'bodytalk.

This new edition features:

* Expansion of material in each of the 7 'lessons'
* New sub-sections within relevant chapters on Body Language in business (at work)
* New material in Lesson 1 entitled 'The Mind-Body connection'
* New material in lesson 4: The body language of politicians – what can we learn/what should we avoid.
* New illustrations, plus some black and white photos

James Borg is a practising work psychologist and business consultant. He became interested in magic and 'mind-reading' at the age of 9 and subsequently was - a few years later - admitted as one of the youngest-ever members of the Magic Circle. His previous books include the bestselling Persuasion and Mind Power.
Publication Date:
01 / 11 / 2011

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