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    By: Ros Asquith & Andi Good

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    A boisterous rhyming story about a little boy overcoming shyness.

    My mum said to me today,
    'You silly little moose -
    You're so shy, you wouldn't say,
    "Boo!" to a goose!'

    A timid boy doesn't want to play with the other children at a birthday party. Eager to prove to his mother that he's not really shy, he hunts round the garden for a goose . . .

    Instead, he finds a monster and creeps up behind it, shouting "Boo!" - but it's not a really monster, it's just a clockwork toy. Next he sees a tiger. But the tiger isn't scared of him either - it's really a cat.

    Gradually the boy builds up enough confidence to jump out on the other children, who are dressed as children, but they all tell him to 'Go away!' They're just teasing - they do want him to play with them really, and as a reward for trying so hard to join in, his mother has a special treat . . . a toy goose which the boy calls . . . Boo!

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