Butterfly Effect by Dannielle Miller
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154 x 232mm
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Danni wrote The Butterfly Effect to inspire parents to create their own new realities for their daughters. Talking to multitudes of girls every year in Australia and New Zealand, Danni’s message is authentic and passionate, and her book both celebrates and challenges the joy and beauty of teen girls in an age of raunch and consumer culture. The Butterfly Effect offers practical, intuitive and powerful strategies, and uses humor to disarm and open up new ways of looking at self-esteem, resilience, body image, friendship, consumerism, navigating the online world, overcoming girls’ fear of failure and finding positive role models.

Dannielle Miller is an experienced teacher and educator committed to empowering young people to reach their full potential. Her work has been featured in education journals and has made her a popular speaker at various national conferences and forums. Dannielle founded Enlighten Education in 2003. Enlighten is now a national network of passionate, talented women who believe that by entering our young girls’ world and engaging them, they have the capacity to be a voice of difference and facilitate meaningful conversations around gender and identity. Dannielle delights in working with thousands of teenage girls across Australia, and with the media as a guest expert on teen issues.

The connection Danni forges with teenage girls and her ability to get them to open up to her and think about themselves and the world around them gives her unique and invaluable insight into what makes teenage girls tick, and how we can help them navigate everything life throws in their way. Dannielle writes primarily for the mothers of teenage girls, encouraging them to realise that they are more like their daughters than they think and they can help their daughters by helping themselves, too. And what's more, she does this in a blame-free way - the last thing mums need is to be saddled with more guilt!

Mothers of preteen (tweens) and teenage girls will want this book! It's interesting to note that Danni is increasingly getting asked to talk to girls in the tween years - years five and six. There is an ever-renewing market for parenting books.
Publication Date:
01 / 09 / 2009
154 x 232mm

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