Collins Gem Fat-Burning Diet

Collins Gem Fat-Burning Diet by Unknown

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The Healty High-Protein Way To Lose Weight.

High protein diets can be an extremely effective way of losing weight, as many dieters have found – a kilo a week can be shed without too much trouble. Now the theory has been modified so that you can eat fruit and wholegrains, and don’t have to exist on bacon, eggs, steak and full-fat cheese. The new high-protein diets incorporate low-fat protein in an all-round balanced diet, which supresses hunger and keeps blood sugar levels steady. There’s a checklist of tips to help you spot at a glance whether a diet is healthy or not.

The introduction will include some general advice on following high-protein diets, providing guidance on the essential nutrients you need to make sure to include, especially B vitamins and fibre. Choose how much weight you want to lose and decide which type of high-protein diet will suit your lifestyle and commitments. Learn how to keep the weight off long-term.

For each diet, there is an explanation of the basic principles, a list of foods you can eat and foods you should avoid, some sample menu choices, and an analysis of how healthy and how effective the diet would be for different types of dieter.The diets covered include: CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, The South Beach Diet, Charles Clark’s New High-Protein Diet, The Zone, and Rose Elliot’s Low-Carb Vegetarian Diet – high-protein for those who don’t eat meat. The Listings form an important part of the book, providing nutritional information for around 2,000 fresh, non-packaged foods, and advice on shopping choices to make within each category.

High-Protein Menu Plans and Recipes and advice on Eating Out on a High Protein Diet provide further practical guidance, whilst a selection of useful websites enable you to take the subject further.
Publication Date:
21 / 02 / 2007
82 x 117mm

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