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    A Mine of Information.

    What are ghosts and is there evidence for their existence? This book examines this question and provides many examples of possible ghostly events, traditions and influences from around the world.

    Ghosts represent one of the least understood, yet most widely recognised, forms of paranormal experience. No one can agree whether a ghost is a material form somehow incorporated into our reality - from a fourth dimension, perhaps - or some type of obscure hallucination. Whatever the case, ghosts have held the fascination and fear of mankind since the beginning of recorded time.

    The book starts by looking at the theories about ghosts and the evidence for their existence. It then takes major themes that have been linked to particular types of ghostly experiences. It covers haunted buildings, famous ghosts, spectral objects, poltergeists, and spirit messages. The book concludes with a review of the impact of ghosts on film, music, novels and a listing of useful ghost websites.

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