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    By: Graham King

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    The essential guide to writing clear and grammatically correct English, and developing your communication skills.

    Everyone is capable of enhancing their powers of written communication simply be learning and practicing the basic principles of clear, concise and coherent writing: planning, preparation and revision. Using this book, your confidence will grow as you begin to appreciate that the English language is not a fearsome book of rules but an unrivalled communications tool that you can learn to use with the familiar ease of a knife and fork. The basic principle of this incredibly useful book is that "clarity begins at home": say what you mean and you stand a better chance of getting what you want!

    - How to write clearly, and what sort of language to avoid
    - How to express what you really feel in letters
    - How to create the perfect CV
    - Witty cartoons by Hunt Emerson
    - Accessible, fully comprehensive guide to English usage, designed to increase your word power
    - The plain guide to the clear presentation of written language

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