Dark Desires by Ray Gordon
Date Released
111 x 175mm

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Samantha Anderson is a national newspaper journalist reporting on the supposed haunting of a mansion owned by charlatan Gerry Andrews. When she sets about exposing his deceit she find herself locked in the basement of the huge house. As her mind begins to wander Samantha finds herself transported to the various places that her thoughts take her to. Is there something supernatural lurking in the house after all?

When she finally escapes her prison the power to jump through time stays with her and it's not long before her thoughts turn to lust. With her new-found gift, Samantha finds herself in all manner of sexy situations experiencing a feast of sexual delights.

But for every erotic dream there's a nightmare and she's beginning to lose her grip on the places where she goes. With one thought she's there, but it's not always easy to avoid those old memories, and as her mind begins to wander yet again, Samantha finds herself on the verge of re-living an incident she'd rather not.

For Adults Only.
Publication Date:
13 / 03 / 2003
111 x 175mm

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