Dark Winter - Cassette by Andy McNab
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139 x 107mm
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A group of scientists are completely isolated on a small research station in the South Pole. And one of them is a killer . . .

At America's base at the South Pole 26 scientific researchers and staff members complete the yearly ritual of waving goodbye to the last plane out, then summon their energies to the rigours of the winter ahead: constant darkness, total isolation, and murderous cold that can dip well past 100 degrees Fahrenheit below zero. Little does the group guess that in succeeding days and weeks they'll be tested not just by unimaginable weather extremes, but by a murderer intent on gradually eradicating each of them.

Jed Lewis, as the latest to arrive, becomes the chief suspect when staff members begin to go missing. But he's hardly alone in attracting suspicion. As the death toll mounts, and the camp's communication with the outside world is cut off in an explosion, the fault lines that always lie below the surface of any cooperative effort split open. Just as the hysteria and scientific jealousies seem to have peaked, the group is faced with an unforeseen catastrophe as the polar habitat itself - a football-sized dome holding temperatures to tolerable levels - becomes compromised.

In a nail-biting battle of survival, the dwindling band must stop their murderer before they become victims of the subzero weather conditions of one of the coldest places on earth.
Publication Date:
01 / 10 / 2004
139 x 107mm

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