Depravicus: The Sequel

Depravicus: The Sequel by Ray Gordon
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111 x 175mm

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Father Will Entercock has been defrocked and Father Kosher has taken over, but the villagers of Cumsdale want Will back behind the pulpit and the seedy bar. There's no way the bishop will allow him to return to the fold, but Will has an idea. There's nothing to stop him setting up his own church, complete with basement bar selling duty free cigarettes and alcohol, dodgy MOT certificates and tax discs.

It's not long before he resumes his life of preaching, heavy drinking, debauching, cavorting and sleeping with just about every young lady that comes his way. What's more - there's nothing the bishop or the mother superior of the local convent can do about it.

As Will's congregation grows, Father Kosher's declines and everything seems to be going just right, and then the last remaining member of Father Kosher's flock decides to make a stand. Miss Noble is a formidable character who is determined to see Father Entercock behind bars. Will soon concludes that Miss Noble needs to be silenced . . . for good.

Ray Gordon is the first name in erotic fiction, only he can break the conventions of sex and lay bare the fantasies within.

For Adults Only.
Publication Date:
15 / 01 / 2002
111 x 175mm

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